Nonlinear optimal adaptive transition control of a Tilt-Prop VTOL UAV

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Senipek, M.
Yayla, M.
Gungor, O.
Gungor, O.
Cevher, L.
Kutav, A.T.
Tekinalp, O.
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In this work, transition corridor determination and transition control of a Tilt-Prop Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft problem is addressed. Non-linear flight dynamics model of the aircraft is generated using the software Generic Air Vehicle Model. Transition corridor is estimated by using the constructed model and analyzed in terms of power consumption and flight efficiency. Automatic transition flight control system deals with fully automated transition control of Tilt-Prop UAV including uncertainties in system modeling and system parameters. Control system is integrated to a 6-DoF simulation environment. Different transition maneuvers are performed and results are discussed in terms of power consumption and efficiency. Efficiency of the transition controller is illustrated through simulations over the determined transition corridor. It is planned to integrate the nonlinear adaptive transition controller to the flight computer of the aircraft to validate the transition corridor with flight tests and perform automated transition to forward flight.