Topology optimization in rotorcraft applications

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Dudziak, J.
Gawlik, A.
Guła, P.
Tabor, M.
Ulma, D.
Żurawski, R.
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To introduce a new design nowadays the engineer has to show, that it provides a significant leap in performance improvement, not only a minor step. This is the reason why new technologies are implemented as those currently used are close to the border of optimization. Among other technologies, which will certainly be widely used in future aerospace, is 3D printing. As parts are expected to be lighter and maintain the same structural strength, the best solution to produce complicated shapes is to print it out. This allows to produce complicated shapes, that can have closed, empty spaces, what provides significant mass reduction. The paper will concentrate on the manner of constructing parts ready for printing with optimization process implemented. A brief description of topology optimization helps to understand the data connections between design and manufacturing. The process of optimization is clarified with respect to construction requirements. Some strategies of optimization and different approaches to designed alike elements are shown. Conclusions present the status of the work and expected future results along with key examples enclosed. All the presented work was based on the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No 737955 and No 755483.