Dynamic simulation of a rotorcraft hybrid engine in Simcenter Amesim

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Roumeliotis, I.
Nikolaidis, T.
Pachidis, V.
Broca, O.
Unlu, D.
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This paper assesses a series hybrid propulsion system utilizing a recuperated gas turbine configuration. An adapted engine model capable to reproduce a turboshaft engine steady state and transient operation is built and used as a baseline for a recuperated engine. The recuperated engine presents a specific fuel consumption improvement of more than 15% at maximum continuous rating at the expense of surge margin which is reduced. An Oil and Gas (OAG) mission of a Twin Engine Medium helicopter has been used for assessing the hybrid configuration. The thermo-electric system brings a certain level of flexibility allowing for the recuperated engine to operate for high take-off weight cases. If envisioned 2025 technology is considered the fuel benefit of the series hybrid recuperated configuration for the OAG mission is in the range of 5%. The integrated system models (gas turbine, electric and heat exchanger systems) are built in Simcenter Amesim, a system modelling platform allowing for both steady state and dynamic simulation.