The elevated helipads - Study of wind and rotor wash influence for most common configuration types

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Dziubi?ski, A.
Sieradzki, A.
Żurawski, R.
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Problem of lack of possible places to build new buildings is well known in modern cities. When it concerns helipads, which need large area to be placed and also it have to be carefully checked, how surroundings is influencing on this new construction, the case is even more complicated, because those sites have to fulfil demanding regulations. For hospital helipads it is necessary to have possible quickest way from helicopter to surgery. When area is limited, it is usually necessary to place such construction on a building and such helipad is then called elevated. However no document can provide a strict information, how to place new helipad in its surrounding - only general data is available. Too many factors have to be considered. This is why always a detailed analysis is needed in order to be sure, that flight operations can be done safely. This paper presents the work flow concerning this topic, from regulations to fulfil to results of analysis. Some aspects of different locations and its influence on elevated helipads are discussed. Also details about performing the analysis are presented.