Experimental study of rotor and ship interference in the absence of ambient wind

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Yang, J.
Ma, S.
Wu, J.
Wang, C.
Yue, T.
Liu, Q.
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The experimental study and numerical simulation are carried out in this paper which aims at the interaction characteristics of rotor aerodynamic performance under the influence of ship in hovering. Firstly, the position of recirculation region caused by the blocking of the deck rear edge changes obviously when the rotor closes to the deck. The thrust coefficient firstly decreases and then increases, while the pitching moment doesn't change very noticeable. Secondly, the influence of the trailing edge deck can be ignored and the ground effect plays a dominant role when the rotor disc begins to enter the area above the deck. The ground effect significantly enhances with increasing of the projection area of rotor disc on the deck. Finally, the ground effect remains unchanged and the aerodynamic interaction of rotor and the hangar door plays the leading role when the rotor closes to the hangar door. The recirculation region caused by the blocking of hangar door is close to the rotor disk and results in the inflow increase of the rotor disc. The thrust drops sharply and the nose-down pitching moment is increased obviously. The influence of hangar door in two different states is also studied in this paper for the purpose of revealing the flow mechanism of the effect of the hangar door on rotor performance and seeking the effective methods to solve the problem of rotor load mutation.