Towards optimisation of compound rotorcraft Zhang, T. Barakos, G.N. 2022-10-04T07:23:25Z 2022-10-04T07:23:25Z 2019
dc.description.abstract This work presents a tool-chain development for aerodynamic analysis and optimisation of compound rotorcraft. An automation framework for geometry composition and grid generation using ICEM Hexa is proposed, and variable applications are presented. High-fidelity CFD simulations of ducted fans are first performed to validate the in-house solver HMB3. Detailed analyses of the ducted fan and comparisons against experiments and simpler methods are presented, and good correlation can be noted. A compound helicopter model is then assembled, consisting of a parametrised Dauphin-like fuselage, ducted fans for auxiliary thrust, and a main rotor. Simulation methods of several fidelity levels using steady/unsteady actuator disks and resolved blades are conducted and evaluated. Analyses of the aerodynamics and flow features are then presented.
dc.identifier.other ERF2019 0041
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dc.title Towards optimisation of compound rotorcraft
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