Light eVTOL possible aerodynamic configurations analysis Myasnikov, M. Esaulov, S. Ilyin, I. 2022-10-04T07:23:25Z 2022-10-04T07:23:25Z 2019
dc.description.abstract The present study endeavors to consider the most popular eVTOL aerodynamic concepts employed nowadays. This research gives a theoretical evaluation of the possible VTOL design with different electric or hybrid power plant configurations. Conventional rotorcraft, quadcopter with ducted fans or just rotors have been considered. Relationship between eVTOL mass parameters and available power of the power plant is calculated. Performance of the VTOL with full electric and different hybrid power plants in forward flight mode is estimated. Available and required power needs for speed envelope in hover and maximal speed modes are calculated. Optimal specific parameters (batteries, generators, electric motors) of fully electric and hybrid power plant elements are defined to provide acceptable eVTOL flight performance.
dc.identifier.other ERF2019 0045
dc.language.iso en
dc.title Light eVTOL possible aerodynamic configurations analysis
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