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  • Schmerwitz, S.; Knabl, P.M.; Lueken, T.; Doehler, H.-U. (2015)
    Helicopter flight in degraded visual environment (DVE) can pose a serious safety hazard especially during lowlevel operations. One cause for rapidly losing the visual cues is introduced by surface properties such as sand ...
  • Zimmermann, M.; Peinecke, N. (2015)
    Landing on unprepared sites is a typical mission task in day-to-day helicopter operations. Right after the event of an emergency which requires an immediate landing, the choice of a proper landing site is one of various ...
  • Waanders, T.; Scheiblhofer, R.; Qian, Q.; Noort, B. van; Ziegler, V.; Schubert, F.; Koerber, R. (2015)
    This paper reports on the development of a miniaturized and low-cost, near-field obstacle warning system for helicopters based on mass-market automotive radar technology. This so-called Rotorstrike Alerting System (RSAS) ...
  • Lueken, T.; Ernst, J.M.; Doehler, H.-U. (2015)
    DLR's Institute of Flight Guidance has developed a new concept for virtual cockpit instrumentation based on a monochrome green "looking-through" helmet mounted display system (JedEye™). The resolution of the helmet is more ...

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