A conceptual study of high speed rotorcraft

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Tanabe, Y.
Aoyama, T.
Kobiki, N.
Sugiura, M.
Miyashita, R.
Sunada, S.
Kawachi, K.
Nagao, M.
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A study group of future rotorcraft is formed in JAXA with participants from a wide spectra of organizations in Japan. Taking the helicopter market in Japan as a study case, four potential high speed rotorcraft (VTOL aircraft) missions are discussed. When a capability of hovering is required, compound helicopter is concluded as the most suitable design configuration. A simplified conceptual design process for a compound helicopter is described where a wing and propellers are added to a single rotor helicopter. A compound helicopter concept for high speed EMS (Emergency Medical Service) is proposed. The result of the conceptual design is compared with a conventional helicopter and the cost expense is illustrated. If also considering the cost to maintain a base hospital, a high speed rotorcraft with significant higher cost is acceptable which covers a much wider area providing effective first aid to critical patients