Performance class 2 with defined limited exposure for offshore operation: use case and perspectives

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Thomas, A.
Voinchet, O.
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Originally devised for offshore helicopter operation and with the objective to improve global safety (and not only the consequences of an engine failure), Airbus has developed the Performance Class 2 Defined Limited Exposure concept (PC2 DLE). PC2 DLE uses simple, robust and short take-off and landing procedures, associated with a given take-off and landing weight to calculate the exposure time and the objective risk in case of engine failure. The paper details some of the methodology developed for flight testing, tools developed for Flight manual documentations and customer use (PC2DLE iPhone/iPad applications). The H145 case will show the homogeneity developed between PC1 and PC2 DLE, with the goal of simplifying procedures and assure standardization for take-off and landing. It concludes by demonstrating how the PC2 DLE concept is a means to objectivize and reduce catastrophic risk - a key to flight safety! …and a concept that could be expanded to other types of operations.