SkyFlight Mobile: A service to enhance the Leonardo flying experience De Bernardi, S.M. Ferroni, M. 2021-03-04T15:52:55Z 2021-03-04T15:52:55Z 2018
dc.description.abstract In recent years, the usage of Electronical Flight Bags (EFBs) has significantly increased to assist pilots in their operations. While initially used as a means of storing, updating and consulting the Aircraft Manuals and information necessary for the flight, latest technological developments and the availability of affordable high specifications electronic personal pads, have given to EFBs the ability to perform also a variety of computational calculations, access databases and display real-time data. EFB can have multiple functions. It can store and display important mission data, give the ability to carry out mission analysis and perform calculations for flight performance and weight and balance validation. The management of the flight operations will likely be more and more automated and integrated in all its aspects, from maintenance to flight. In this scenario, in order to maximise the delivered value and to better meet the operational needs, Leonardo, leveraging on its knowledge as the aircraft manufacturer, has developed and is offering services and technologies. With a primary focus on the calculations of aircraft performances and weight and balance, SkyFlight Mobile is the Leonardo Helicopters EFB, delivered as a service to enhance the flying experience. SkyFlight provides the means to evaluate on ground all aspects of the mission, to guarantee a thorough safety assessment and to increase the mission effectiveness. Pilots have SkyFlight application installed on their devices to access the web service. Anywhere, the relevant information and calculations for a mission can be used, fully compliant with the Rotorcraft Flight Manual and the authority�s requirements. SkyFlight automatizes the daily operations to reduce the flight crew workload and head-down time, to increase the pilot situational awareness and to optimize costs. SkyFlight has been designed and developed entirely by Leonardo Helicopters, leveraging on its knowledge. In order to keep the pace of modern software applications, a properly tailored Agile methodology has been used, with the aim of delivering quick and continuous updates related to new functionalities and issues identified during the software testing activities. Since the service is meant to be used by the community, the selection of the stakeholders had to take into account some representatives of pilots from the different operations that are meant to be supported. This lead to involving both Leonardo Helicopters Division Pilots as well as a set of specific Customers that demonstrated interest in the evolution of the system (in the Executive and Private transport, Medical and Rescue services, Offshore operations, Security services and Utility). The compliance of SkyFlight with the National Aviation Authorities EFB validation standards, is demonstrated with the evidence of the software testing activities achieved, including User Interface testing, reliability testing, and accuracy testing. The SkyFlight service is designed and developed to enhance the flight experience. Pilots receive value by accessing to the functionalities tailored for their helicopters operations, together with the Leonardo experience, professional skills, systems, facilities, and networks.
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dc.title SkyFlight Mobile: A service to enhance the Leonardo flying experience
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