Evaluation of optimal model following controllers in terms of handling qualities

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Okcu, I.G.
Ture, U.
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This work describes four different optimal model following controller synthesis for helicopter control near hovering flight and comparisons of these controllers especially in terms of handling qualities (HQ) in light of ADS-33E-PRF guidelines. A nonlinear mathematical model representing Bell 206B dynamics constructed in FLIGHTLAB environment. A basic linear reference model is formulated in light of the handling qualities specifications. The same reference model is used for all model following controllers. The response type is attitude-command-attitude-hold (ACAH) for pitch, roll and yaw axes where heave axis has a rate command augmentation. The mathematical bases for the controller are given. Tracking performance results for hover flight condition are presented. The ability of the controllers to mimic the reference model in terms of applicable handling qualities specifications is assessed with the help of CONDUITR . An optimization effort for the weighings of the optimal controllers is carried out to achieve level 1 handling qualities, notable results are presented.