Numerical investigation of aeroelastic and three dimensional effects for an airfoil in transonic flow

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Surrey, S.
Gardner, A.D.
Mai, H.
Klein, C.
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Numerical investigations on an OA209 airfoil with flow control by air jets are compared with experiments at static conditions. RANS calculations for the DNW-TWG wind tunnel with a 1m x 1m adaptive-wall test section setup are performed to investigate the three-dimensional effects of this nominally two-dimensional configuration. Aeroelastic investigations of the midspan displacement, by coupling with a finite-element model of the airfoil at Ma = 0.4 and Re = 2.8 ? 106 are in good agreement with deformation measurements by stereography. A small influence of the airfoil deformation on the aerodynamics can be seen in the numerical results, but the effect is less than the experimental uncertainty. A numerical investigation of flow control by air jets at the leading edge is presented for multiple static test cases at Ma = 0.3 and Re = 1.16 ? 106. A variation of air jet pressure and its influence on stall suppression is shown to be in good agreement with experiments except in the case where no flow control is used (blowing pressure of zero). Surface pressure distributions are shown to be in good agreement with experimental pressure distributions from pressure sensitive paint.