Development of a 6 DoF nonlinear helicopter model for the MPI cybermotion simulator

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Gerboni, C.A.
Geluardi, S.
Olivari, M.
Nieuwenhuizen, F.M.
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This paper describes the different phases of realizing and validating a helicopter model for the MPI CyberMotion Simulator (CMS). The considered helicopter is a UH-60 Black Hawk. The helicopter model was developed based on equations and parameters available in literature. First, the validity of the model was assessed by performing tests based on ADS-33E-PRF criteria using closed loop controllers and with a non-expert pilot. Results on simulated data were similar to results obtained with the real helicopter. Second, the validity of the model was assessed with a helicopter pilot in-the-loop in both a fixed-base simulator and the CMS. The pilot performed a vertical remask maneuver defined in ADS-33E-PRF. Most metrics for performance were reached adequately with both simulators. The motion cues in the CMS allowed for improvements in some of the metrics. The pilot was also asked to give a subjective evaluation of the model by answering the Israel Aircraft Industries Pilot Rating Scale (IAI PRS). Similarly to results of ADS-33E-PRF, pilot responses confirmed that the motion cues provided more realistic flight experience.