Beyond Clean Sky: Cartercopter slowed rotor / compound exceeds efficiency and emission goals

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Carter, J.
Lewis, J.R.
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Carter Aviation has its footing in environmental efforts with roots in the wind industry. Leveraging its very lightweight high inertia wind turbine blades for application as a rotor blade, Carter has developed its Slowed Rotor/Compound (SR/C™) technology as an alternative to conventional vertical lift. The benefits of slowing a rotor in cruise flight from both a drag and acoustic perspective are well understood, but doing so safely is another matter. Carter overcame 10 challenges to make the SR/C aircraft a reality, and with it, a new era of aviation is now possible. Runway independent aircraft (to include full hovering configurations) that possess efficiencies more akin to fixed-wing aircraft promise to deliver a cleaner, greener, and safer VTOL capability that exceeds environmental goals of Clean Sky 2. CO2 emission reductions of 80% for the jump takeoff CarterCopters have been demonstrated and a 66% reduction for a full hovering heavy twin is predicted. And, all of this is accomplished with 15-20 EPNdB less noise than helicopters.