Design and development of the ATLAS human-powered helicopter Robertson, C. Reichert, T. 2016-12-16T15:14:31Z 2016-12-16T15:14:31Z 2014
dc.description.abstract AeroVelo initiated the Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter Project in August 2011 to capture the AHS Sikorsky Prize, which despite prior attempts had remained unclaimed for over 30 years. A configuration study was undertaken using low-fidelity aerodynamic analysis and estimated mass figures. The authors developed an aero-structural optimization scheme for rotor design, including a novel vortex-ring aerodynamic model with included ground effect prediction, finite-element analysis and integrated composite failure analysis, and a detailed weight estimation scheme. The airframe was comprised of a wire-braced truss structure, and innovative designs were developed for many of the aircraft’s lightweight-focused subsystems. After initial flight-testing in August 2012, experimental optimization and performance improvement led to a second testing program beginning in January 2013. Testing in 2013 led to a reduction in required power, improved understanding of structural dynamics and control strategy. The project culminated in a successful AHS Sikorsky Prize flight on June 13th, 2013.
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dc.title Design and development of the ATLAS human-powered helicopter
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